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Who is The Ujigami™ Guy?

U·ji·ga·mi (oo-jee-gaw-mee) n.
  1. tutelar deity (god) of a Japanese village.
In ancient Japanese folk religion (Shinto), the Ujigami of each local community played an important role in combining and harmonizing different elements and powers. These local gods were unique to each village and symbolized the village unit. They watched over the village and protected it from harm.

Similar to the ancient Japanese tutelary gods, Ujigami™ watches over and controls each individual part as it moves through your manufacturing plant and/or warehouse to ensure the part is produced correctly and it reaches your customer on time. The added benefit of this intimate control of all operations and processes is that cost is driven out of the manufacturing system.

As we searched for appropriate symbols to represent the unique nature of our software, we remembered the popular graffiti from WWII through the Korean Wars: "Kilroy was Here". For a period of about 30 years, the Kilroy graffiti was found everywhere; quickly being considered as the "super GI". Kilroy was there first and was still there after all the other GI's left.

Like Kilroy, Ujigami™ is always present in your plant and warehouse watching over the operation to ensure everything is running smoothly. If things go awry, you can count on Ujigami™ to execute pre-established business rules and artificial intelligence to correct the situation. Automatic alerts can be sent to warn of potential problems.

With Ujigami™ "on-the-job", you can focus on moving your business forward -- truly enjoying the Peace of Mind this unique software brings to your business!

Let the Ujigami Guy take care of your business!
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