More than an MES - Ujigami Product Directed Manufacturing System (PDMS)

Ujigami PDMS actively manages and controls the manufacture of each part at every operator and automated workstation to ensure the part meets or exceeds customer expectations. Ujigami is the only plant floor system with the intelligence to control every step of manufacturing from dock-to-dock, including the repair process, red rabbit and hourly checks, and lot quality validation.

Next generation Artificial Intelligence, built-in Industry 4.0 capabilities, and integrated IIoT make the Ujigami Product Directed Manufacturing System the best choice for World Class manufacturing.

Give us your toughest manufacturing challenges and see how Ujigami quickly creates a sustainable solution!


Manufacturing Excellence: Zero Defects with Lowest Cost

Watch how this global company deployed Ujigami's next generation manufacturing capabilities to re-shore engine manufacturing to the USA -- AND build engines of the highest quality at the lowest cost.

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Working like a fully autonomous car for each part, Ujigami knows the exact location and condition of the part and ensures the operators and machines are set up correctly, perform each process step in the correct sequence, and the process results meet specification. And like a GPS, if there is a wrong turn, Ujigami automatically calculates the correct recovery path to get the part back to specification or is quarantined for review.

Ujigami PDMS - Top 10 Reasons to Choose Ujigami

  1. Comprehensive MES - full featured. Operator, inspection, test and repair stations with interactive graphical work instructions; operator certification; quality alerts; automation integration; rapid line balancing; scheduling; labeling; inbound and outbound sequencing; etc. Ujigami's unique product directed manufacturing methodology, combined with industry leading connectivity and real-time active controls, drives Zero Defects and ensures your plant always operates at peak performance.
    More than an MES. No other plant floor system has the speed, capabilities and ease-of-use of Ujigami.
  2. Both Product and Process Mistake-Proofing - advanced mistake-proofing using Ujigami's Artificial Intelligence that knows the unique requirements of each part and ensures the quality of each serialized assembly through the entire production process. Ujigami makes sure the product is properly manufactured with zero defects at every step of the process and especially prior to shipping - including containerization and all labeling.
  3. Advanced Production and Quality Reporting - browser based reporting that provides up-to-the-second status information highlighting production and quality concerns before they affect shipping schedules. Traceability second to none. Ujigami's advanced Birth Certificate methodology records and displays the results of every process step, including date and time, operator, workstation, process results from every device and machine, and more. Need images of the as-built condition? No problem! Ujigami directly connects to all inspection cameras or even inexpensive webcams to capture images in real-time.
  4. Easily Integrated with Plant Floor Hardware - supports all types of real-time sensors and equipment including pick-to-light, part presence and color detection, vision inspection, fastening controllers, PLCs/OPC, conveyors, robots, and measurement devices to immediately identify process errors and defects in material, and to control the process to ensure the proper corrective actions are taken. 100% device agnostic, Ujigami quickly connects to both new and existing equipment, no matter the vintage.
  5. Flexible, Extendible, and Scalable - easy to make changes and enhance the system for line balancing and Continuous product, process, and quality Improvement. Make changes yourself or contact our experienced team for assistance.
  6. Fast and Reliable - real-time millisecond responses to plant floor activities, yet only uses minimal computing resources. Operates continuously without requiring on-going maintenance or support (e.g. database pruning and archiving is not required). Ujigami is the fastest plant floor software system available, keeping pace with any PLC and automated equipment, with 100% availability to keep running even when your plant can't.
  7. Browser-Based - easy to install, use, and configure the system. Our software resides on your servers to reduce latency and give you control of 100% uptime; or host it on a cloud environment (yours or ours) to reduce on-site staffing requirements. Production issues can be identified and quickly corrected anywhere a device with a web browser is available (e.g. smart phone, tablet, notebook, pc, etc). Even the operator interface is browser based to permit the use of low-cost hardware. Ready to use Ujigami software costs less than a color PLC HMI that has no programming included.
  8. Interfaces to ERP, MRP, Scheduling and Finance Systems - automatically communicates with other systems to minimize duplication of data and manpower. Ujigami also includes Scheduling and Material Control functions with advanced features to enhance the traditional MES functionality (e.g. automatic line-side material replenishment).
    Go beyond ERP/MRP using Ujigami's extensive communication protocols to interface with any third-party system, coordinating disparate systems to create a seamless plant floor environment.
  9. Ability to Use Low Cost Hardware - reduce the requirement for expensive new hardware, maximize the performance of equipment, and use thin-client computer-based instead of PLC-based HMIs. Ujigami contains the intelligence instead of requiring new "smart machines". Ujigami makes every machine and device work better.
  10. Great Support - Tutelar has knowledgeable staff with real manufacturing experience. We are available 24x365 to ensure you succeed.


Ujigami PDMS delivers all of the features and benefits to make your manufacturing operation a success.

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