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Do More With Less - Looking Forward 2012 -

Do More With Less

Ujigami Excellence = Stop Waste + Zero Defects + Peace of Mind

As we look forward to 2012, uncertainty continues to
be on the minds of many. Continued global financial
instability, rising energy prices, weak job creation,
and the list goes on.

As customers look for better value, manufacturers
must ensure product loyalty by delivering zero defects.
Fortunately, with slower demand, there is time to improve
processes and employees are eager for development.
Take this time to reflect on your organization’s key
capabilities and address the areas that require change. We
challenge you to do more with less.

Look at all areas of your plant. Are there processes
that generate scrap and defects? Do areas of your
manufacturing require exceptional operators to ensure
good parts are produced efficiently? Do you rely on
quality inspection to ship good product?

Take this opportunity to implement robust processes
and systems that improve the effectiveness of your
machines and workforce by guiding them through
their work and preventing errors from occurring. Look
at advanced Manufacturing Execution Systems that
control the integrity of each part and direct it through the
entire manufacturing sequence. Reduce manufacturing
effort and eliminate defective shipments with features
such as direct machine control, operator certification,
graphical work instructions, pictorial defect reporting,
part verification, and MRP integration.

Software similar to Tutelar’s Ujigami™ MES is an
easy way to stop waste. By interacting with all operators
and machines, this Product Directed Manufacturing
system coordinates, controls, and reports each assembly’s
progress through its required process flow. You will soon
find that your equipment and people are doing much
more with less.

By Floyd Dickson
Vice President, Tutelar Technologies Inc.

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