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Beyond Torque

“Our customer requires a system that integrates all of their fastening requirements with other product and process results to ensure all parts are shipped with no defects, and quickly provides complete product traceability.”

To continue their tradition of excellent customer service, Control Panel Systems (CPS) was looking to expand their torque product offerings to include a comprehensive SCADA and MES system. After an exhaustive search, CPS chose Tutelar Technologies' Ujigami™ Product Directed Manufacturing System.

Richard Greenhalgh, CPS Sales Rep, is impressed with the Ujigami™ system. “Ujigami gives us everything our customers need, and more!” Features include:

  • automatic Pset selection based on product model/option content,

  • long term traceability including fastener rundown results, component serial numbers, process measurements, and product verification pictures,

  • easy integration with barcode scanners, printers, vision cameras, robotics, and other equipment with little or no PLC programming,

  • operator certification, graphical work instructions, and pictorial defect reporting,

  • OEE, efficiency, and quality management reports,

  • seamless integration with ERP/MRP, and

  • web access from anywhere on any device.

“Working with Tutelar Technologies was effortless. They are very experienced in the industry, and delivered the system on-time and on-budget. My customer is very happy.”

Ujigami™ is an easy-to-use Product Directed Manufacturing System that delivers the highest levels of quality and productivity, resulting in best performance in manufacturing, warranty and distribution.

Let the Ujigami Guy take care of your business!
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