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Highest Quality, Lowest Cost

Automotive OEMs demand the highest quality products. Recently a brake component manufacturer was struggling to maintain their Ford Quality Rating due to a series of quality spills that occurred during a model changeover. The issues highlighted the problems with their existing manufacturing system – capable but complicated.

After a careful analysis of several alternatives, including upgrading the existing system, Tutelar Technologies' Ujigami Product Directed Manufacturing System was chosen. The Tutelar system is a single-vendor solution providing all OEM communications, scheduling, plant-floor, sequencing, and shipping functionality. The browser-based interface provides improved access to extensive production and quality information.

The Engineering Manager was impressed with how quickly and easily the system was installed. “Ujigami was implemented in significantly less time than the previous system. The configuration is straight-forward and easy to understand. The Tutelar team responded quickly to all of our requests and even suggested several options for improvement.”

The Quality Department is enthusiastic about Ujigami. “This system ensures we will not ship defective parts to Ford. Our quality rules are configured directly in Ujigami to ensure bad parts are immediately contained and our reaction plans are always followed.”

The Production Department is enjoying the capability of Ujigami. “The system works. There are no delays slowing down my operators. Productivity is up and my operators are happy.” The extensive OEE and other production reports highlight improvement opportunities that were invisible before. “We can't wait for Ujigami to be implemented on our other product lines.”

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