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More Flexible, Less Programming

Looking for significantly faster throughput, a major distribution company decided to implement a comprehensive warehouse management and control system. Frustrated with the complexity and problems with trying to maintain a traditional batch release system with PLC controls, senior management decided to look for a better alternative. The requirements for the new system were extensive:

  • significantly improve operator throughput,

  • release orders in real-time to reduce time-to-ship,

  • control conveyors and carousels in real-time,

  • make changes without requiring program changes,

  • contain advanced routing logic,

  • coordinate & mistake-proof pick requirements,

  • seamlessly integrate to ERP/MRP,

  • be easily setup & modified,

  • report on results in a web-page,

  • use existing and planned new hardware, and

  • support other plant floor devices.

After carefully considering several options, Tutelar Technologies' Ujigami™ system was selected. The power and flexibility of Ujigami provides an advanced graphical operator interface, advanced real-time production decisions, and permits the PLC to concentrate on fewer control tasks. Advanced logic and control is managed within Ujigami. Tutelar Technologies worked directly with the integrator to create a comprehensive plant-floor solution.

Our customer is enthusiastic about the improved throughput and control with Ujigami. Rush orders can be dropped in and picked immediately. The system eliminates all order setup requirements and permits their operators to dedicate 100% of their time to production, resulting in a 22% productivity improvement. As a result of the outstanding success of Ujigami, the company has improved customer satisfaction and gained new business.

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