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Web Standards

Although we have tried to adhere to current web standards as advocated by The Web Standards Project, we have not been 100% successful. The results of our efforts are described below:

  1. Core Web Standards

    Our effort to adhere to XHTML and CSS has been an arduous task for several reasons:

    1. Current web standards do not support all features that we wanted to include. The biggest challenges surrounded our choice to use both top and side navigation bars. Another problem area surrounded headings, footers, and callouts.
    2. Current browsers (e.g. FireFox and Microsoft Internet Explorer) still have many differences in the way that they render web pages.
    3. Very few editors properly support current standards. The on-line editor that we are currently using is not quite HTML 3.2 compliant.

  2. Client-side Scripting

    We have avoided using client-side scripting. It is used simply to allow some browsers to use scroll bars in the actual 'data' area of the page. Unfortunately, this feature is supported differently in each browser.

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