Service and Support

Tutelar Technologies offers various methods of supporting our registered customers. We have staff available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to provide immediate coverage. We also have more leisurely learning opportunities.

24 x 7 Support Options

• Direct Connect

Using a secure VPN connection across the Internet, we can review your system and speak to you about what is happening. If desired, we can take control of your system and perform tasks for you.

• On Site

Our technical support staff are available to assist in your facility at any time.

• Telephone Support

We offer friendly and knowledgeable telephone support.

Non-urgent Options

• Web Site

Access our web site at any time and review our Frequently Asked Questions, or participate in a support forum.

• E-Mail

All e-mails are answered quickly by the appropriate member of our team.

• Training

We have standard training sessions, or we can customize training for your needs, to be delivered at our offices or at your facility.

Whatever your preferred support options, we ensure that your staff receive support and encouragement to achieve the benefits of Ujigami™. A shared Continuous Improvement process ensures your manufacturing organization continues to surpass the competition.

Let the Ujigami Guy take care of your business!
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